Red Deer Crop Formation Geometry

The design is based on perfect geometry (also known as sacred geometry). It can be constructed from simple geometric shapes using only a compass and straight edge.

This diagram compares formation design with perfect geometry. It's close, but there's a difference of 25 feet (7.6 m) between lengths of the shortest and longest pathways. I built this using the diameter of the large circle as the basis. The formation width, east to west is quite accurately proportioned.



Some researchers hypothesize that a crop formation might be made by an electromagnetic interference pattern projected from directly overhead or from within the earth. If it could be shown that the geometry on the ground is deformed by the topography or another measurable influence, then measuring the distortion might provide support for that theory.



The highest area of land within the Red Deer formation is southeast of the large circle. There is a slight slope downwards from there to the northwest.

If the distortion theory were true in this case, then I would expect the design to be lengthened in a north-south direction. It is, however, compressed.

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