Crop art or High Strangeness?
I see little here that would convince me that this formation was made by extraordinary (paranormal) means or a natural phenomenon. The formation is big all right, but fairly simple and straightforward in design.

The farmers say they didn't see any broken seed heads or stems when they first entered. However, when the formation was made, the plants were probably damper and more flexible than when I visited. The farmers also didn't see any tracks into the field.

1. It appears to have been made on a weekend, Saturday night or early hours of Sunday morning at full moon (September 2) when the light would have been good.

2. Plants were bent over at irregular heights. It looked to me like they were pushed over by a mechanical energy.


3. Paths were 3 feet wide which is a common width for a lawn roller.

4. There was no uniform bending of the upper nodes that I see in formations thought to be made by a rapid heating event. Perhaps the crop was too dry to show any heating effects. However, the fact that the farmer went to the expense of spraying with a desiccant indicates to me that there was still moisture in the plants on September 1.

5. All of the circles were centered between pairs of tramlines left by the equipment tires when the field was sprayed. A private company has agricultural test plots between the formation and the nearby road. There's a driveway into the field.

Here are larger images showing the tramlines on the left.

6. The geometry was somewhat irregular and I can't account for the irregularity. It looks like the design was preplanned for a slightly wider spacing of tramlines, and then adjusted to fit the existing tramlines. A laser level could have been used to guide laying the pathways.

Maybe I was too focused on finding the effects of a zap of high heat that I've seen in other formations. Maybe I was looking for the wrong thing. Maybe something else happened in that field that was truly mysterious.

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