I think I can safely say that every laid barley plant in this formation had node deformities of some sort.

All images on this page are actual barley stalks scanned on a flatbed scanner at 300 pixels per inch (118 pixels per centimeter), so the magnification is constant among all images.

Here is a scan of rulers that will open in a new browser window. You can use it as a scale.

The following three scans are from the same five plants collected in the center circle.

FORMATION NODES: Apical nodes (closest to seed head).

FORMATION NODES: Penultimate nodes (second from seed head), same five plants as above.

FORMATION NODES: Third nodes, same five plants as above.

FORMATION NODES: These are all apical nodes which show extreme lengthening. Compare with normal nodes below.

These nodes are taken from the same barley in the same field. They are from standing crop about 75 feet (23 m) from the formation.
NORMAL NODES: These are apical nodes (nearest seed head).

NORMAL NODES: Penultimate nodes.

NORMAL NODES: Third nodes.

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