Pentagons describe the geometry of this formation.

The axis of the pentagon that surrounds the whole formation as shown is 90 feet. Ninety feet is twice the long diameter of the large ellipse. The ellipse fits exactly within, and tangent to on four sides, the trapezoid figure created by the pentagons and lines connecting their points.

These pentagonal relationships could possibly be related to interference patterns in an electromagnetic event.



When we were in the field, I was puzzled that the whorl of the large circle was not centered in the elliptical flattened area. We measured 21' radii on three sides and 24' on the side towards the small circle. When I examine my scale drawing, I see that the whorl is, in fact, on the intersection of two lines forming a pentagram within the pentagon.

This might mean that the "ellipse" is not a true ellipse, but more of an egg shape, with the pointy end pointing towards the small circle.

Could we be seeing a message from the chickens in the nearby henhouse?
(Just kidding!)

The whorl of the small circle was also off-center by one foot, but the scale of the geometry is too small for me to find a relationship. That one will have to remain a puzzle.


Angles of 18° and 36° are contained within the pentagon/square relationship. Magnetic north and true north lie very close to these angles in the formation's pentagon. Perhaps the formation is aligned to either magnetic north or geographical north via the pentagon. If not, it is very close to one or the other.

It should be noted that a natural gas pipeline runs north/south along the west edge of this field, adding a physical presence to the geographical polar axis.

I can't take perfectly accurate angular measurements with my handheld hiker's compass. When measuring I wrote in my notes that a line through the circles' centers lay 35° to 40° CCW of magnetic north. A perfect 36° would point to a perfect geomagnetic alignment.

Am I grasping at straws, both literally and figuratively? :-)

According to the Canadian Geomagnetic Reference Field,
the magnetic declination in 2001 at the formation's location, Latitude 53° 5' N Longitude 114° 45' W, is 18° 38' E.

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