Crop Circle QuestCrop circle formations in western Canada visited by Judy Arndt
Strathcona County , Alberta, Canada
discovered August 9, 2012

A ring of flattened, dry, brown plants encircles small pools in a pasture.

Strathcona Crop Circle
Red Deer , Alberta, Canada
discovered September 16, 2001

It's huge! A 422-foot formation in wheat. Seven circles connected by pathways.

Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada
discovered August 18, 2001

Two circles in green oats show interesting geometric relationships with each other and the magnetic pole.

Internal Patterns in Lodged Grain
Beaumont, Alberta, Canada

observed August, 2000

Randomly flattened grain shows fascinating internal patterns and node changes similar to those in crop circle formations.

Neilburg, Saskatchewan, Canada,
discovered September 3, 1999

Neatly spiralled circles in a Julia Set style formation.

Acadia Valley, Alberta, Canada,
discovered September 4, 1999

Hundreds of small tufts of grain were left standing, evenly distributed in the large circle.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada,
discovered September 21, 1999

Perimeter rings fell first. Then the rest of the plants fell straight outwards from the centers of the circles. There was massive damage to the stem nodes in this formation.



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